1900% increase in organic traffic.
300% increase in phone calls.

Here's how we did it.

Our Strategy

To increase bring in website traffic and patients, we:

  • Designed and built a new fast and mobile-friendly website.
  • Did thorough keyword research to determine which keywords to target.
  • Created and optimized new site content to target those keywords.
  • Built backlinks to the website.
  • Built citations for the website.

The Results

Keyword Rankings

We were able to get Geneva Dental Care to rank #1 in Glenside, PA for over 20 of our target keywords. They are #1 for “dentist”, “dentist near me”, “emergency dentist”, and over two dozen more highly searched keywords.


Monthly Traffic Increase

As a result of our on-going SEO efforts, the website’s traffic has steadily increased from 0 visitors per month to over 400 monthly visits from new potential patients in the area. Since the vast majority of these visitors are from organic search and were specifically searching for dental services, a large percentage of them are successfully converted into paying patients.

Monthly Traffic Sources

Over 85% of the website traffic comes from search engines. Throughout a thirty day period, an average of 450+ users now find the client's website by searching online for dental services.

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