10,000% increase in organic traffic.

Here's how we did it.

Our Strategy

We employed a content and link building strategy. The main focus was to create an in-depth article carving out a section of the highly competitive industry. Our focus was to rank the article for keywords that focused on adults learning to play piano.

The Results

Keyword Rankings

Not only did the strategy work for the keywords focusing on adults learning piano, we were able to hit the first page for the most competitive two keywords, “Learn Piano” and “Learn to Play Piano”.

Monthly Traffic Increase

As a result of our on-going SEO efforts, the major increase in organic rankings resulted in an increase from almost 0 organic traffic to over 1200 targeted users visiting organically each month.

Monthly Traffic Sources

70% of the website traffic comes from search engines. Throughout a thirty day period, an average of 1200+ users now find the client's website by searching online for piano lessons. Since direct traffic represents returning current students, 70% of the traffic are potential new customers.

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